King Abdul Aziz University 2024 Ocak PUL Konferansına Davet

16 Mayıs 2023 Salı

You are cordially invited to participate in the conference. Details are as under:


1. Port-City University League (PUL) ( was established in 2006 as a unique international league of universities located in the world's preeminent port cities. Having a secretariat in Yokohama National University, Japan, PUL consists of 19 universities from 14 countries. (As of December 1, 2019). In every region of the world, there are port cities with colorful history and culture, and in them are excellent universities with unique traditions and characters. Being on the front line of cultural exchange and economic trades, the port cities have been nurtured since ancient times through economic activities as centers for trade, vital industries thriving around the port and cultural interactions among different peoples. Most of the prominent port cities have supported academic activities at the local universities and at the same time have enormously benefited from those activities. PUL aims to develop a global network among those port cities and universities, and exchange ideas and views about the culture related to ports (history, trade, industry, maritime research, festivals, etc.). It includes not only the faculties and students, but also will address the citizens' activities and initiatives.


2. Faculty of Maritime Studies, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became a PUL member in 2014. As you are aware, The Kingdom is the world's biggest growing economy with multidimensional reforms. "The VISION 2030" is the driving force behind these reforms with three primary themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation. The maritime sector is also part of these reforms including ports, offshore installations, port cities, and educational institutes.


3. We intend to host the PUL conference in January 2024 at King Abdul Aziz University situated in the vibrant, lively port city of Jeddah. This conference will provide a collective discussion with a strategically designed agenda and a power-packed line-up of speakers, the event will facilitate valuable knowledge transfer amongst attendees. 


4. Date and Venue: 22 – 24 January 2024 (Detailed Program intimated later) / King Faisal Centre KAU.

5. Theme and Sub Themes: 

The world will be experiencing a few megatrends like more globalization, Innovation and digitalization, navigating towards hi-tech-oriented work environment and demanding high skilled workforce. Like any other industry, the maritime industry is also undergoing a significant change with new technologies and trends. To stay ahead of the curve, maritime industry must keep up with the latest trends and developments and find ways for adaptation to such change. Identifying new opportunities and emerging technologies to implement into the maritime industry goes a long way in gaining a competitive advantage.

a. Theme: Future Trends in the Maritime Industry - Innovation and Digitization

b. Sub Themes

i.  Artificial Intelligence / ChatGPT

ii.  Autonomous, Robotic Systems, Big Data and Predictive Analytics

iii. Safety and Cyber Security Solutions

iv. Maritime Workforce and Educational Institutions

v. Ports Regionalization and Urban Development 

vi. Enhancement of Sustainability 

vii. The Pathway to Zero Carbon Ports and Shipping

viii. Marine Ecosystem, Marine Pollution – Emerging Issues and Challenges


6. Abstract and Final Paper Submission: Detailed Author's Instructions will follow along with Abstract and Final Paper template)


a. All authors may choose any sub theme for oral presentation (15 to 20 minutes followed by Question / Answer session) 

b. Last date for Abstract submission 15 August 2023

c. Final Paper Submission Date 15 Oct 2023

d. Poster presentation also accepted


7. Participation Fee:  There is no participation Fee


8. Visa Policy:       


a. There are different visa policies for different countries. The link for e visa and other visa related instructions. A very simple procedure is mentioned to obtain e - visa  

b. University will provide invitation letter to obtain visa for the conference.

c. For the participants from the countries not in the e - visa list, university will get the visa from MOFA and send the visa number to the participants so that they can get visa stamped from the Saudi Embassy/ Consulates from their respective countries

d. In case of any difficulty in obtaining visa, Faculty staff will be available to help at any time  


9. Accommodation and Transportation:     

a. Following links for suitable hotels. Participants will book their hotel at their own.

ii. Alandalus Mall Hotel 00966 (12) 9200 06043

iii. There are other suitable hotels available in Jeddah.

b. Transport for Airport pick, drop, and hotel to the conference hall pick, drop will be provided

c. Lunch and Tea / Coffee during the conference will be provided in addition to reception and closing ceremony dinners (details program will follow) 


10. Confirmation Form for Participation:  A form attached for participation conformation. Last date for the submission of this form is 19 May 2023.


Click for the participation form.