Ship Sale Tender Announcement

2 Şubat 2022 Çarşamba



1. Tender Details

City of Tender 
Place of Ship
Owner of Tender                         
T.C. Piri Reis University
Subject of Tender 
Ship Sale Tender Announcement
Tender-Date and Time
16.02.2022, Time: 14: 00
Type of Tender
Open Tender (Closed Offer Letter -Auction-2 Round)
Temporary Guarantee Amount
 Five thousandths of the bid price
Tender Document Fee
250 TL
Place of Tender
Piri Reis University - Sea Campus                                                        Postane Mah. Eflatun Sk. No:8 Tuzla - İstanbul
Telephone And Fax Number
0216 581 00 50 and 0216 581 00 51
Email Address
Delivery Date and Place of Bids
The Documents Required in Article 3 of our Announcement and the Closed Price Offer are submitted to the Tender Commission on the Tender Day and Time.


Training Ship
Name of Ship
Piri Reis University (ex Ankara)
Type of Ship
Eğitim Gemisi (Training Ship)
Construction Year
Mooring port
Call Sign
Turkish Loyd
IMO Number


1. Administrative-Technical Specification Supply / Discovery Plan:

Contact department  
Purchasing Department
Delivery/Discovery Date
Between the Announcement Date and the Tender Date (by Appointment)
Delivery address
Piri Reis Üniversitesi - Sea Campus – Purchasing Department              Postane Mah. Eflatun Sk. No:8 Tuzla - İstanbul
Recipients must have company stamps.


3.8 Required Documents

In order to participate in the tender, the bidders are required to submit the documents listed below within the scope of their bids.

3.8.1. Copies of the Administrative and Technical Specifications (wet signature and stamped), each page of which is signed and stamped by the Bidder's authorities in sufficient numbers, as evidence that the Bidder has read and accepted all articles and provisions of the Administrative and Technical Specifications completely and completely.

3.8.2. Telephone, fax and e-mail address to communicate with the Bidder Company Notification address when necessary

3.8.3. If it is a real person, Photocopy of Identity Card, Residence Certificate

3.8.4. Document showing the tax identification number for legal entities, a copy of the establishment trade registry gazette (with amendments to the articles of association, if any), authorization certificate

3.8.5. Copy of valid signature circular

3.8.6. Copy of Latest Tax Certificate

3.8.7. A certificate of non-attachment to be obtained from SGK stating that there is no overdue premium debt to SGK for the most recent period.

3.8.8. Certificate of absence from the relevant Tax Office, stating that there is no overdue income/corporate/value added tax and income tax withholding debt for the most recent period

3.8.9. In case of participating in the tender by proxy, notarized power of attorney and notarized signature statement of the person who will make the offer on behalf of the bidder.

3.8.10. In case the bidder is a Cooperative, Association, Chamber, Federation, Confederation or Foundation, the persons authorized to represent their legal entities with a document proving notarized signature circular and authorization documents are required.

3.8.11. Signed and stamped by the Bidder, the declaration that there is no Public Prohibition Ban (The bids of the Bidders who are found to be on the current "Prohibited List" of the Public Procurement Authority are not accepted / taken into consideration and evaluated / excluded from the evaluation when they are detected).

3.8.12. Temporary Guarantee Certificate, T.C. In the event that foreigners who are not nationals participate in the tender, the Counter-Guarantee of domestic banks or private financial institutions will be requested for all kinds of guarantees (temporary, etc.) to be given.

3.8.13. In case a bid is submitted by a foreign bidder, the documents required in the specification and its annexes must be submitted with equivalent documents issued in accordance with the legislation in the bidder's own country.

3.8.14. Foreign bidders are required translate all kinds of documents to be submitted to the administration in sworn translator offices and the documents must be notarized. In case the documents issued in a foreign language are translated by sworn translators in Turkey and approved by the notary public, no other acknowledgment is required for these translations.


  1. Detailed information can be found in the Administrative and Technical Specifications in the tender document to be obtained from the University.