BSAMI Extraordinary Pandemi Meeting

21 Nisan 2020 Salı

The BSAMI online meeting was organized by Piri Reis University (PRU) and carried out synchronously over the university’s online learning platform by using MS Teams tools. The meeting was chaired and moderated by the BSAMI Chairperson Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, Rector of Piri Reis University and attended by the rectors/deans of the member maritime universities/faculties from 6 Black Sea countries.
Main issues of the meeting were as follows:
All members have expressed their gratitude for the arrangement of the meeting which is a good sign of solidarity under existing difficult situation.
All members are maintaining their routine works through their own online systems hence do not experience any major problem except practical training. Online exams, laboratory works, simulator training and practical sea training is still a common concern for all.

After the suggestion of Prof. Erdogan, all members agreed on developing a project on how simulator training will be given online and working on common solutions for practical sea training.
All members agreed to exchange their educational practices and online solutions as well as problems encountered to provide a common ground for future collaboration and exchange of best practices. Efforts will be joined to respond the common challenges and similar meetings and conferences will be planned in this respect.
PRU will held a MINE-EMI (Maritime Innovative Network of Education on Emerging Maritime Issues) Project stakeholder’s conference in mid-May that will include specific sessions for BSAMI members to attend and make presentations regarding their innovative approaches and project intentions to get first-hand feedback from stakeholders. PRU will send details of the conference to all involved. 
All members will check for opportunities to arrange similar conferences and/or take part in other similar related events with a special BSAMI session. Constanta Maritime University (CMU) Rector Prof. Panait has already proposed a student scientific conference that is welcomed by all. CMU will provide details to all members.